September 28th 2024

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Torchlight 2023 Announces return of the procession

The Torchlight event volunteers are aiming to bring back the town centre procession to Kendal Torchlight Gathering for 2023. After managing to run three events during the covid pandemic, when many events were cancelled, organisers are keen to bring back this key element of the event.

Torchlight is famed for its impressive procession which brings carnival atmosphere, floats and performers into the town. The event will be vehicle free, but organisers are quick to stress though that this doesn’t mean the same level of spectacle can’t be offered. The procession is possible, and locals will again be able to see it flood through the town centre – they just need the support from the town to make it happen! 

Kendal Torchlight is run entirely by a small team of volunteers who dedicate time and effort, year-round, to organising the event.  Torchlight is an established fixture on the local calendar, for over 50 years now, and is part of the towns Heritage. It is a testament to the hard work of those who have taken the reins. More than that core team, it takes an army of more than a hundred volunteers on the day, and up to 1500 to create the procession! The volunteer Torchlight team are always on the lookout for ideas and suggestions, but need more people to come forward to make them happen.

New chair of the committee Craig Pearson said “not many people realise what a small team there is behind torchlight, a group of volunteers who are trying to keep this amazing tradition alive for our town and community. People often ask why the event hasn’t been the same as it used to be and there are a number of reasons, lack of volunteers, lack of funding and also increased regulations. As a team, we want to bring back the heart of torchlight and the procession and take it forward into a new era while celebrating the things we all loved about it in the past. To do this, we need people to step forward and help and ensure that the event isn’t lost forever. This year we have decided upon the theme Old and New to celebrate the past and the future of Kendal as well as the event itself. We have some exciting plans to make the event a real spectacle this year”.

The organisers are calling for anyone who can help, to step forward and join them, both as event planning support and volunteers on the day.  Community groups, schools and Kendal College are set to take part in workshops and making sessions as well as to be involved on the day.

Torchlight will be held on Saturday the 23rd September, with a street party in the day followed by a procession that evening. For those looking to get involved with the planning or would like to know more about joining the team, please contact