Kendal Torchlight Carnival is run
“by Kendal for Kendal”

The company’s constitutional objectives are:
  • To promote Kendal and its surrounding districts for the benefit of local residents, coomunity groups, schools, tourists, local business and industry by organising events, shows, exhibitions and carnivals including and in particular the Kendal Torchlight Carnival;
  • To encourage participation in such events, making them accessible to all members of the community without exception.
The Torchlight Team works throughout the year promoting Kendal, community groups and local businesses in many ways.

Torchlight Funding

Torchlight funding comes from five sources:


Grants from the public purse through organisations such
as Kendal Town Council and SLDC;


Sponsorship from local business
sponsors such as Taylor’s Fun Fairs, K Village and Different


Donations from businesses that come into Kendal to trade on Torchlight night such as food
and other trade concession;


Income from sales of the Torchlight Souvenir Programme;


20% of donations from the Torchlight Charity collection;
80% is donated to our four partner charities.

Torchlight Future

Over the next few years, Kendal Torchlight Carnival will develop in several ways:


In the future, Torchlight must develop new ways to fund its activities. These will be through promoting local businesses using this web site and social media, and through association with our various corporate

In 2012 Torchlight didn’t happen; and many local businesses lost out. We will actively develop the mutually beneficial relationships between local businesses and the Torchlight company. Torchlight brings hundreds of thousands of pounds into Kendal, and those that benefit directly have a responsibility to play their part in ensuring Torchlight is sustainable.

We will be asking the good people of Kendal to actively support those businesses that support us. “By Kendal, for Kendal”

In addition we have opportunities for companies to invest in our future with a handful of Torchlight Sponsorship packages which will become one of the foundations of our sustainability. These are ideally suited to companies who wish to develop their relationship with Kendal residents and local businesses.

Our Online Presence

This superb website will be used to provide information about Kendal Torchlight Carnival and to further promote our local businesses and our community groups. Businesses can promote directly to local people and visitors throughout the year through an entry on our site directory which tells visitors to Kendal where to eat, where to drink and where to sleep, etc.

We also use social media to keep our followers informed of our activities;