September 28th 2024

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Official Launch Plans for Torchlight 2021

Last week saw the official launch of the 2021 Kendal Torchlight Gathering. With planning having been underway for a number of months and dates secured for late September, the team behind this year’s event are ready to reveal plans for an exciting town-wide celebration.

Though many events across the country have been cancelled or are uncertain of whether they will be able to run, the team behind Kendal’s annual event have promised contingency is in place, so that there will still be something to see – should public gatherings continue to be listed as unsafe.

The event managed to run last year and raise the spirits of the community despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The event was a huge success, where battling restrictions, with volunteers working tirelessly to provide an ambitious community crafts project, miniature procession film and drive by procession, bringing incredible steel sculptures to the town’s estates.

Spokesperson for the Torchlight committee, Craig Russell hopes it won’t have to come to that though…

“We have worked hard to create a format for this year that will be adaptable depending on government advice regarding public gatherings. With their being such uncertainty, we have created a new format which still brings the magic of Torchlight. This year we will be bringing back fire! There will be foot based processions from different hubs around Kendal, with lots of lanterns, music, lights, dancing and giant sculptures. There will also be our now well established Street Party, and a new addition this year, ‘The Garden of Delights’. This forms the theme for this year’s event, but also describes a new performance area we are creating within Abbot Hall Park.

Last year Torchlight went miniature with the ‘Tiny Torchlight’ but this year we are super sizing our celebration as we create a magical garden and invite you to take a ‘bugs eye’ tour of its wonders. Here you will encounter giant illuminated flowers, wildlife and perhaps a few other magical creatures!

This year will also be a vehicle free procession, tying in with the Big Green Week to celebrate our gardens and green spaces that have been our haven during the pandemic lockdowns.

We want Torchlight to bring us all the opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate.”

Kendal Torchlight Gathering will take place on September 24th to 26th 2021.

On Friday, walking processions from the four corners of Kendal will illuminate the streets as they make their way to the central garden at Abbot Hall Park.

On Saturday, the garden will be open for a range of performances as well as exploration and adventure. There you will discover the dell, where the central stage is set, surrounded by giant flowers and lights.

The town centre itself will once again host a fun filled street party with music, performers, street theatre, stalls, workshops, and much more.

A full overview of how to get involved can be found right here on the Torchlight website.

Last year, miniature, this year, supersize!