28th September 2024

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For Kendal, by Kendal

Since the beginning, over 50 years ago, Kendal Torchlight Carnival has been planned, organised and ran by volunteers. From the core group that make the big decisions to the essential marshals that come rain or storm to help support the procession and street party. Without these volunteers Torchlight could not take place and it is a true testament to our community that so many step forward each year to hold up this tradition.

It is no easy feet to run a voluntary organisation and pull off what is attempted each year, but Torchlight has held its ground and still remains an important event to the people of Kendal and surrounding areas. With more creativity and community outreach than ever we hope to inspire the town with what is possible when people come together with a common goal and purpose.

In order for Torchlight to continue we need people to help make this fabulous community event happen. If you could give a bit of your time to help the event run smoothly then please get in touch at volunteers@kendaltorchlight.co.uk