Wheelbarrow Parade

Wheelbarrows will be the equivalent of our “floats” this year. Think of the most creative, amazing and fun way you could transform a wheelbarrow on our theme.

Your wheelbarrow can be accompanied by up to ten dancers, walkers, actors, singers… you can choose and be imaginative!

Do your magic, then join us by displaying your wheelbarrow in our lantern garden and participating in our wheelbarrow parade.

The Wheelbarrow Parade will take place between 3 & 4pm  on Saturday 25th September.

This will be assembled between 2.30 and 3.00 along the riverside walk next to Abbot Hall Park. Then make its way along the Riverside Walk, crossing Lowther Street zebra crossing up Kent Street to the Marketplace, down to the Library, back to the Town Hall, to the Birdcage, down Finkle Street, re-crossing Lowther Street along Riverside back to Abbot Hall Park.

This is scheduled for approximately 1 hour.