Westmorland Shopping Centre

Every Weekend 10am -4pm 1st July – 10th September 2017

Workshops Saturday and Sunday Afternoon – Master Classes Sunday Morning

This is a list of the master classes that will run through the Summer to stimulate and support the workshops that will produce the sculptures, dances, music and costumes to bring on the Kendal Torchlight Carnival 15th – 16th September.

Week 1 – 2nd July 10am-Noon ‘Engineers of the Imagination’ – John FoxHow do we create carnival and outdoor performance that tells our story, enhances our lives and environment, attracts and welcomes visitors and develops the culture of South Lakeland. John has pioneered an approach to celebration and ceremony that seeks a culture which may well be less materially based but where more people will activiely participate and gain power to celebrate moments that are wonderful and significant in their lives

Week 2 – 10am-4pm 9th July Getting a Vision of Carnival and Fitting it All Together – Global Grooves and Cabasa
Leo Patel, Eraldo Marques, Adriana Rosso and Emily Wood
Morning – Getting a Vision for Carnival – a introduction to the ‘meaning of carnival’, its roots, history, the way it has been developed, especially in the UK. Appreciation of the contribution of key figures especially Peter Minshall. How we make Carnival our own and dig its rootes into the culture of our own location.

Afternoon – Fitting it all together – Making Costume/Movement/Dance turn into Carnival – how costume, movement and dance work and fit within Carnival. The traditions of Dance and the links with music and costume. Creating a theme, developing it turning it into a piece. How does this turn to carnival. Practical examples of movement that works.

Week 3 – 10am – 4pm 16th July Making Carnival Sculptures – Ken and Jane BlackburnCaribbean Carnivals and Chinese Festivals have been the inspiration for most of Ken and Jane’s Work. Their practice of making large fabric scultures and costumes is rooted in the it in the communities of Preston. This session will also include practical hands on work leading to that start of the Fox and Meadow troupe.

Week 4 – 23th July 10-4 Making Music 1 – More MusicMore Music believe in the power of music and culture to transform people’s lives. Tey produce work that is truthful and has a powerful artistic aesthetic. They make events that are beautiful and joyful using many art forms. More Music believe in making new original work and develop a sense of place by working with and in communities. This session will look at how music,dance and movement can come togther with the costumes that have been made.

Week 5 – 29 th July 10-4 Making Music 1 – Blue Jam Arts Blue Jam Arts have worked with Torchlight over several years with year they will be working with local groups to produce a troupe to join with one of the sculptural pieces. Blue Jam Arts promote participation and access to the arts, in particular music and to use the arts within the community to encourage social inclusion and community cohesion, primarily in Cumbria.

Week 6 – 6th August 10-4 Making Fire – Pa -BOOMPa-BOOM is a company of artists, sculptors, designers and technicians creating and producing work, shows and projects using the medium of sculpture and theatre animated by fire, light and pyrotechnics to engage excite and enthral audiences. Dave Chadwick will lead this session looking at examples of his work and how the Torchlight tradition can be kept burning.