This year, the Covid 19 pandemic has put a stop to our traditional celebrations. This annual tradition has, until 2020, only missed one year taking place.

Safety is the most important thing, but working together with our amazing community creative crew, we have an alternative that we are pretty excited about and hope you will be too!

We bring you…..
Kendal’s first Tiny Torchlight.

How does it work?

It works a little like our regular torchlight, except in miniature! You won’t need marshals and you won’t need to parade the streets. But other than that, we want you to enter and then create something colourful and creative along the lines of our theme to entertain the community of people watching from home.

The entries will then be used to make a film version of the procession with the entries making their way around our town. We hope to recreate as much of the processions as we can, on a tiny scale.

So what next?
Make your entry and you can drop it off with us at the Birdcage information stand on Saturdays running up to the event, or at the RagTag Arts Scrap Store Tues, Thurs and Friday.

The theme for this year is
Think Global, Act Local.

What does this mean?

“Think globally, act locally” urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities. We want you to think about how we can help the enviromnment by making changes in our own town.

The categories are:

Option 1: Group Entry

Make your own entry – this can be a shoebox float on a tiny Wagon, or a walking section with puppets and sculptures. Needs at least 5 puppets. Think about entries from previous processions and take the bits you’ve loved and make them in miniature for this years procession. Open to groups, organisations and companies. Click here to enter.

Like this... But tiny!

Option 2:

Join a community section. For families and individuals, you can create one or more puppets to join a group entry following of the three categories below. There is no need to fill in an entry form, simply drop your entry off with us at the Birdcage, on Saturdays between 10 and 3, or at the RagTag Scrapstore.

Grow your own
(carnival vegetables)

Reducing our carbon footprint, improving our diets and connecting us back to nature, we want you to celebrate the benefits of growing your own and allotments everywhere through your tiny puppets!

Download Pack

Download Carnival Puppets

Make the March
(cardboard protest)

Find your voice about the environment by participating in our cardboard demonstration. Make a tiny protester and send your message to the World. Template and further information here: www.makethemarchtoday.org.uk

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
(Junk Carnival)

Inspire us to reduce, reclaim and recycle by taking part in our junk parade.

Community Entry

Non-business entries are free. For stand
alone entries, please complete this form.

Entries Now Closed

Business Entry

Businesses are encouraged to enter
and create their own pieces to advertise
their organisations £50 for small business
and £100 for large businesses.

Entries Now Closed

Help us keep
the flame

The tiny Torchlight film
will be streamed on FB live
on Saturday the
26th September at 7pm