The Torchlight Team

In February 2013, the traditional Torchlight Committee was disbanded and replaced with the Torchlight Management Team. The main difference being that all Torchlight Team members have publicly committed to taking responsibility for one or more critical functions. We are currently looking for capable people to help in a number of roles including logistics, entrants management and general admin duties. Some skilled tasks are included so if you think you can help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The Torchlight 2018 Team

Craig Russell
Torchlight Chair & Director

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Annette Ritson
Marketing Coordinator and Director

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Matt Ward
Street Party Coordinator

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Paula Pearson
Entries Coordinator

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Penny Severn
Volunteers Coordinator

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Mark Wenlock
Logistics Coordinator

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Craig Pearson
Logistics,  Lantern Garden

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Torchlight Management Team

The Torchlight Management Team are the unpaid volunteers who work throughout the year to promote Kendal and to make Kendal Torchlight Carnival happen. We're always seeking capable and committed people to join our Team. Contact Craig Russell if you want to develop your skills and talents, be able to say that you promote Kendal and take a pride in knowing that our Torchlight Carnival happens because you make it happen.