Lantern Garden

Join Us Friday from 6pm Saturday 10.30am-9.30pm

This year Kendal Torchlight is hosting an incredible three day gathering in the heart of Kendal.

This year’s Gathering will host walking parades, live music and theatre performances, fire sculptures, fun activities and a huge celebration for all. The centre piece of our celebration is our lantern garden.

We invite you to enter the Garden of Delights where you will get a bugs eye view of our magical illuminated garden. Here you will encounter giant flowers, wildlife and perhaps a few other magical creatures.

The Dell

Within the centre of our garden, is The Dell, a performance “round” encircled with giant flowers. Throughout the day there will be a programme of In fact you’ll be showing off your entry in-the-round in our brand new performance space surrounded by beautiful lanterns and giant flowers and bugs.

The Green Town

Keep bees, rescue animals, make amazing products using local ingredients, have an amazing recycling scheme or even a veg garden, do you support vulnerable groups, youth groups, food shares, promote LGBT activism or disability awareness? Our Green town will showcase the best that the area has to offer in doing wonderful and creative things to help our planet and our local community.

The Roots Stage

The Roots Stage will keep your toes tapping and your feet dancing as accoustic bands okay throughout the day on Saturday. As the dusk falls in Saturday evening, the stage lights will come on and we will entertain you with some amazing live music.

The Fire Garden

This year, we are bringing fire back to Torchlight. Our Friday night procession will feature Fire breathing animals, and our lanterns will be accompanied by flaming torches, all will descend towards the Lantern Garden where the evening darkness turns our garden into one of fire and light. We invite you to walk amongst the flames and admire the beauty of our night time garden.

The Map

Garden of Delights

Abbot Hall Park

10am Garden Opens
1pm Carnival Extravaganza
3pm Parade Leaves Park For Town Centre
4pm Parade Returns
4.15pm Awards Ceremony
5.30pm Jitterbug Ball, Children’s Disco
7pm Fire Garden Lit
9.30pm Garden Closes
10.30AM Untethered
11.20AM Boom Dang
12.10PM Bryce Street Strummers
1.00PM John Scott
1.50PM Blast Furness
2.30PM Bay Beat
6PM Atomic Brass
8PM Groove Train


6PM Cachophany Arkestra
7:15PM Dance Attic/Drum Nation
7:45PM College
8:15PM Bay Beats
9PM Cachopany Arkestra 
9:30PM Fire Finale


10:30AM Open Ceremony + Bay Beats
11:15AM Preston Carribean Carnival
12:30PM Blast Furness
1PM Carnival Extravaganza
3PM Parade Leaves
3.15PMBoom Dang
4PM Milnthorpe steel band
4:15PM Opening Ceremony & Bay Beats
4:30PM Awards Ceremony
5:30PM Jitter Bug Ball
7PM Ian Storyteller
9PM Drum nation – Fire Shows
9.15PM Fire Finale 

Workshops include:

Ragtag Arts – Mad-Junk mini golf: Play a game of crazy gold in our wacky and colourful course made entirely from other peoples junk.

Precious Plastics: Join us as we take your plastic goods and transform them into something else before your very eyes

Costume making, loose parts play, clay workshops and help paint our giant hashtag

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