Friday Processions
and opening ceremony

From 6pm
No Road Closures

Kendal Torchlight is one of the largest and oldest night-time parades in the North West and has hosted an annual carnival showcasing and celebrating the creativity, traditions, history and culture of our town for 50 years.

The Friday night processions will take a different format this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and keeping our community safe, there will be no circular road procession as there has been in past years. To help keep the event and the flame alive, we will be holding a Torchlight celebration that our who community can be involved in.

On Friday night our weekend celebrations begin with not one, but 4 processions which will leave from local neighbourhoods in the four corners of Kendal heading to Abbot Hall Park for a grand opening Ceremony.

Each procession will be led by one of our four Fire Chariots, followed by dancers, musicians and lanterns as they wind their way into the town centre. We invite you to cheer on your chariot and watch them as they pass by. The chariots will then take their place within the park for the remainder of the weekend where they will be lit after dark.

There will be no road closures this year and we are not accepting entries for these processions. They will be visual spectacles for you to enjoy.

Please watch the processions, but do not follow on the road, for safety reasons.

Opening Ceremony

As the processions arrive at Abbot Hall park, the Fire Chariots will be moved into position where they will remain for the weekend, lit up after dark. 

The Fire Garden will be lit and the lanterns will be illuminated so that you can enjoy the beauty of the garden at nigtht time. Don’t worry if you miss it! The Garden will be lit again on Saturday night. 

There will be a range of performances throughout the evening from dance troupes, samba and steel bands, culminating in a fire finale at the end of the evening. 

We hope you can join us, but please stay safe, wear a mask if you would like, remember to sanitise your hands and if you feel unwell, please stay at home. 

Which team are you?

On arriving at Abbot Hall park, there will be an opening celebration and the park is illuminated for the first time as we officially open the Garden of Delights.

Enter the magical world and explore all it has to offer, with giant flowers, magical
creatures and many surprises.

6pm Processions leave their starting positions
7pm Fire Garden will be lit
7.30pm Fire chariots arrive
9.30pm Garden closes

Night time Entertainment

In the centre of Abbot Hall Park is “The Dell” our performance space “in the round”. This will be lit by giant flowers and set to the backdrop of our lantern garden. 

The fire garden will be lit from 7pm and you can view this by walking through the park. 

We will have a series of performers throughout the evening on Friday night. This will also be the location for our carnival entries to perform on saturday. The garden will again be illuminated after dusk on Saturday. 

We will be joined by Drum Nation, Milnethorpe Steel Band, Bjamba, The Kookabaras, Dance Attik and dancers from Kendal College. 






Cacophany Arkestra

Dance Attik/Drum Nation

Kendal College 

Bay Beats




Cacophany Arkestra

Fire Finale

Garden Closes

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