Got questions? Torchlight is going to be a different this year! So we know that there will be lot’s of new things to think about. Below are some answers to questions we have been receiving. If you can’t see the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. 

Torchlight 2021 has changed from what you have been involved with before. We will still have processions; but these will be walking processions. On Friday night we will have 4 processions which will leave from local neighbourhoods. We are not accepting entries for these processions. 

The part you can enter will be our  wheelbarrow procession which will take place on Saturday afternoon. We have had to change the format of the event to reduce the carnivals carbon footprint, to help social distancing with covid-19 and to make the event easier and safer to run. The main parade for schools and other entrants is the wheelbarrow parade on Saturday afternoon. 

There will be four processions this year, but not in the usual format. There will be four processions on Friday night. They will be starting from four areas of Kendal and converging on the Lantern Garden in Abbot Hall. These will be processions for you to watch and enjoy, however we are not taking entries for these processions. 

On Saturday there will be a procession leaving from Abbot Hall and working it’s way around the town centre. This will be made up of entries who wish to take part, and will cover a route mostly of pedestrianised areas.

You can enter anything to entertain on that the theme of Gardens of Delight – dance, music, costumes, lanterns, objects, stall of vegetables, jars of honey, decorated wheelbarrows.

  1. Perform in our Carnival Extravaganza –
  2. Enter our wheelbarrow parade
  3. Enter a stall into our garden fair
For more information on entering, please see the dedicated areas of the website
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You can bring any size of group as long as you can manage them.

There will be a limit of 10 people for each group in the wheelbarrow parade through the town.

 All entries are expected to follow instructions from Torchlight Marshals during the event.

All entrants must pre-register on the website. They will be contacted by our entrants team.

We will get back to each entrant with timings when we know how many entries we have and what people are wanting to bring along. This will be by 18th September at the latest, but we may be able to give some idea before this date if required by you or your organisation.

On the day registration will be in our Abbot Hall Information Tent.