28th September 2024

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Kendal Torchlight is back for 2023! After 3 years of Covid measures, we are returning to the town centre and the procession is back! On Saturday the 23rd September the celebrations begin. From 10am the Street Festival will be in full swing. Then at 7pm the procession will commence. 


Community Workshops

July and August 2023

Join the Fun at Kendal Torchlight Arts & Crafts Extravaganza! We will be making lanterns and flowers for a giant community entry called “Help Kendal Bloom”. These sessions will take place in schools, community groups and a series of public workshops that all can attend. We will then come together on Torchlight evening to join the procession.


2023 Procession

7pm - 9pm

The procession is back! After a hiatus during covid restrictions, this year the procession will once more return to the town centre and allow us all to gather together. There will be no vehicles in this years procession.


Street Festival

10am - 4pm

The Street Festival will be filling the Kendal Town Centre with lots of fun activities and entertainment throughout the day. All activities will be free!