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Our Pub Supporters

We'd like to invite the Pubs and Bars of Kendal to support our Torchlight Carnival, and we'd like the good people of Kendal to support those that do; vote with your feet:

Bars and Pubs that support Kendal Torchlight Carnival

Kendal Brewing Company and The Brewhaouse at Burgundy's: Mike, Annie and Vernon have been exceptionally supportive of Torchlight 2013 and have brewed our first ever Torchlight beer. They made a very generous donation of £200 to our funds which helps Torchlight continue to promote the best of Kendal.Thank you.

The Fleece Inn: Damien and Deb are incredibly friendly and hospitable hosts for several of our Marshal Training sessions. We've been made to feel very welcome. We like their spirit and are chuffed to be able to promote The Fleece Inn.

The White Hart: We've received a generous donation of £50. Every penny of a donation made to Torchlight goes towards ensuring a successful event, drawing 24-26,000 people into Kendal in 2013. Thank you.

Burgundy's: Another generous donation to help ensure the continued success of Torchlight. We're already planning for 2014. Thanks Mike :-)

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Lakeland Radio

Telephone: 01539 737380

Additional Information

  • Torchlight Marshalls

    Torchlight Marshals are part of the essential 160-strong team of volunteers without whom Torchlight can't happen. Each year we lose a few (we know, it's a little careless!) ... and we gain a few. We train and develop our Torchlight Marshals to professional standards, and they support a 45-yearold Kendalian tradition that enhances our community and our town. Contact Craig Baldwin to become a Torchlight Marshal.

  • Torchlight Management Team

    The Torchlight Management Team are the unpaid volunteers who work throughout the year to promote Kendal and to make Kendal Torchlight Carnival happen. We're  always seeking capable and committed people to join our Team. Contact Craig Russell if you want to develop your skills and talents, be able to say that you promote Kendal and take a pride in knowing that our Torchlight Carnival happens because you make it happen.