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Ideas for your carnival float...

Posted Friday, 16 May 2014, 9.57am

Ideas to make a carnival float!

Bring your great ideas to life by creating a carnival float. Bring smiles to children’s faces as you drive past them at the carnival.

1. Make a parade banner – A parade banner is an important part of a carnival it says who you are, what you are all about & where from.

2. Decorations – Are bold & exciting. Use bright colours, balloons, streamers & flags. Hang lights & twirl crepe paper round pillars, a fringe helps hide the wheels & gives the illusion that it is really “floating” (Fringe – tissue paper, Bin bags or metallic paper).

3. Make or buy carnival masks.

4. Using balloons – these are best used in quantity rather than individually.

5. Polystyrene – great, easily carved & light. Paint using emulsion, use pva glue.

6. Costumes – don’t have to be expensive, tie dye old t shirts or bed sheets to give them a new lease of life.

Hardware –

B&Q, Burton road, Kendal www.diy.com 817000

Homebase, Beezon road, Kendal www.homebase.co.uk 0845 640 7803

Howdens Joinery – Mintsfeet Industrial Estate, Kendal, www.howdens.co.uk 725864

Longhorn Hardware – Beezon Road, Kendal 734311

Craft Shops –

The Paper Warehouse LA9 6NP www.mypaperwarehouse.co.uk 733678

The Works, Kendal www.theworks.co.uk 737451, 721231

Trucks –

Croppers 722002

Gibsons of Kendal 721721

Lakeland Commercials 723956

GW Taylor 015395 68356

J T Leyland 015395 64406

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