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"For Kendal, by Kendal" - Torchlight needs Volunteers

Kendal Torchlight Carnival is, and always has been run by volunteers. Each  year Torchlight needs a capable core team to take on the essential jobs that make Torchlight happen. The more people on the team, the easier the jobs become. Typically, most jobs can be achieved within a few hours per week, though it gets busier in September.

We also count on an army of amazing volunteers on Torchlight night itself to ensure Torchlight runs safely. We are looking for volunteers to fill a number of roles so if you can spare us a few hours please don't hesitate to contact us,

Torchlight Carnival Volunteers 2017

In previous years, we've managed to scrape together just enough marshals to make it happen. We must find 160 marshals for Kendal Torchlight to take place, or face a security bill which could be considerably beyond our financial capability. Ultimately, it's up to thhe people of Kendal to make Torchlight happen.

We are looking to fill th following roles:

  • Torchlight Walking and Static Marshals 
  • Programme Sellers 
  • Field Runners
  • Admin / Entrants Management
  • First Aiders 

Fundraising Partners and Volunteers

  • People from any organisation or business who would like to get involved organising activity events, inter-company challenges, coffee mornings, races, Mums-n-Kids events, etc. and to promote their business or group at the same time; we need people who can put the fun in fundraising through any activity that engages Kendal and district residents or the business community and in the process raises a small amount of funds and promotes Torchlight.

What's in it for you?

  • A challenge: Be a part of the team that creates a world-class event
  • A commitment: Help ensure that Kendal Torchlight Carnival continues developing, representing and promoting Kendal, our community and culture and local businesses
  • An opportunity to put something back into your community
  • A chance to stand up and be counted as one who promotes and supports Kendal
  • An opportunity to develop your skills, confidence and capabilities
  • An opportunity to get to know people, make friends and network

Sponsored by

Taylors Funfairs

Telephone: 01539 552019

Additional Information

  • Torchlight Marshalls

    Torchlight Marshals are part of the essential 160-strong team of volunteers without whom Torchlight can't happen. Each year we lose a few (we know, it's a little careless!) ... and we gain a few. We train and develop our Torchlight Marshals to professional standards, and they support a 45-yearold Kendalian tradition that enhances our community and our town. Contact Craig Baldwin to become a Torchlight Marshal.

  • Torchlight Management Team

    The Torchlight Management Team are the unpaid volunteers who work throughout the year to promote Kendal and to make Kendal Torchlight Carnival happen. We're  always seeking capable and committed people to join our Team. Contact Craig Russell if you want to develop your skills and talents, be able to say that you promote Kendal and take a pride in knowing that our Torchlight Carnival happens because you make it happen.